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Solo exhibition at Linnagalerii / Tallinn City Gallery, Estonia, Sep14-Oct 1, 2006.

We use an existing proposal for a huge statue in the bay of Tallinn as a starting point to investigate monuments as a phenomenon and the rituals surrounding art in public spaces. Why are there so many naked women in Swedish cityscapes? Are they in any way related to the contested Soviet Bronze Soldier in Tallinn?

The idea for a “Monument for the Masses” was formulated in July 2005, in relation to a controversial monument which is going to be erected in Tallinn, Estonia.

In the exhibition we focus on the subjective and democratic aspects of erecting monuments. In a serie of drawings a proposal for a conter-monument is presented together with a campaign table. In the inner room of the gallery videos and paintings are shown that focus on the representation of national heroes and the claim that art in public spaces can be ideologically neutral.

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Drawing (detail).

Drawing (detail).

Drawing (detail).

Outer room: campaign table and installation "Inauguration – Some Day They're Gonna Name a Street After Me"

Inner room: oil paintings and video: "Vitalize or Neutralize? In search of a revealing example".

Outer room: installation "Inauguration – Some Day They're Gonna Name a Street After Me", lamda print, carpet, oranges and broken bottle.

Inner room: animation "Epic".